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Put your brand in front of a hive mind of ResearchOps specialists–the people who make decisions about vendor relationships.

The Cha Cha Club is a members' club for full-time ResearchOps professionals. Every year we partner with research vendors to help them connect with Club members, get feedback on their services, and develop the practice of ResearchOps. In 2023, User Interviews helped us develop our brand and build this website. In partnership with you, we can do so much more.

About the Club

The Cha Cha Club was founded by Kate Towsey in 2019 to give full-time ResearchOps professionals a space to connect. Since 2019, the Club has grown from a handful of people to more than ~125 Cha Chas who call the Club their professional home.

All Club members are full-time ResearchOps professionals—they don't do anything else as part of their job. Members use the Club as a water cooler, a sounding board, a network, and a notice board. A way to share and stay in the know.

~125 Members

The Club is a tight-knit community of ~125 members, and we're growing bigger all the time.

A Global Gathering

Members are based in the US, UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Brazil.

The Big Hitters

Members work for ~100 individual companies, from medium and large to massive enterprises.

Why Partner with Us?

Engage with ResearchOps professionals in more personal and valuable ways. Conference booths are boring, and people want more than just stickers.

  • In one clean sweep, you can connect with a hyper-targeted audience of full-time ResearchOps professsionals.
  • Take part in real engagements about things that matter–like what members think about your product and what they expect.
  • Trust that partnerships will be executed in ways that are sustainable, sensitive to diversity and inclusion, and fun!
  • Visibly contribute to the development of ResearchOps, which sticks as people move from job to job.

Partnership Packages

From micro-partnerships to bigger deals, we can come up with a package that fits your budget and needs.

Cha Cha Together

Spend quality time with ResearchOps professionals. We regularly bring Club members and a vendor together to connect and enjoy great food. Dinners are hosted in San Francisco, New York City, London, and Sydney. Each dinner is attended by 10-20 Club members.

A Book Bundle

There aren't a lot of books available about ResearchOps yet, but there are plenty of excellent books to read, from systems design to ethics in research. Put your brand in front of Club members and help them develop their knowledge and skills by sponsoring a branded six-book bundle.

State of ResearchOps Report

The ResearchOps profession is growing and maturing at a spectacular rate, but we don't know enough about our profession. Partner with us once off or every year to deliver an annual State of ResearchOps report. Be an influencer in the field.

Cha Cha Con

Cha Cha Con is our annual members' get together–an unconference vibe in a fabulous location. We'll connect IRL, tackle the big issues of ResearchOps, and have loads of fun–karaoke and a fancy dress, anyone? The first Cha Cha Con will be hosted in November 2024, and we're looking for sponsors.

Cha Cha Tool Time

Once a quarter, we give a founder the opportunity to connect with Club members via a virtual call. Give members the opportunity to ask you anything, get ahead of your product roadmap, and share feedback. A Tool Time is included as a bonus in all partnership packages and isn't available as a standalone opportunity.

Power the Club

Every year, we partner with a vendor to fund the running of the Club. In return, we'll feature your logo at the bottom of this website, send branded swag to Club members, and give you a slot at Cha Cha Talks to punt your brand to a wide audience. User Interviews currently owns this spot, but it will open up on 1 September 2024.

Get in Touch

If you've got a question, a neat idea, or you want to dig into the details of how we can partner, we're just an email away.

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