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Join a global gathering of people who are passionate about optimizing the logistics of scaled-up research—whatever the context.

Our mission is to give dedicated ResearchOps professionals a space to learn, grow, and thrive—together. To keep conversations meaningful, and to foster a tight-knit community, the Club is invite-only. This means that Club members run into similar problems and work with the same vendors.

They use the same lingo, and understand first-hand why something that looks trivial is an operational triumph. A reason to celebrate! Trust and transparency means that members share their expertise openly—we call this "Cha Cha Power."

Club Benefits

The Club membership fee is US$350 per year.

  • Get access to a tight-knit community of dedicated ResearchOps professionals. No vendors.
  • Connect with a global network of people who do the same job as you.
  • Join monthly agenda-less catch ups with other Club members. Cha Cha Chats are run remotely and across timezones.
  • Access the Club Slack so that you can connect about whatever you want, whenever you want.
  • Be in the know about upcoming job vacancies, and networking and speaking opportunities.
  • Connect with other Club members to talk about the topics you care about. Want to geek out about automations? We can make it happen.
  • Build connections with vendors via Cha Cha Tool Time, a quarterly and members-only AMA or demo with a featured founder.
  • Share your ResearchOps thoughts with the world or hear from others during our quarterly free-for-all Club events, a public stage for Club members to build their profile.
  • Get a discounted ticket to Cha Cha Con, our annual ResearchOps conference. (Coming in 2024.)

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What members
are saying

ResearchOps used to be a lonely journey, but that's changed so much since the Cha Cha Club! It's the safest place to talk about our gains and mistakes in Ops, and this community is always ready to share. Every meeting is a chance to learn a lot and grow around the best people!

Luana, Brasil

It's been incredibly valuable, comforting, and cathartic to have a community of research operations professionals to problem solve with as we develop best practices for the research operations field.

Wyatt, USA

The Cha Cha club promotes a safe space where we can interact with industry leaders and discuss the most important issues that we encounter on a daily basis. Our members are resourceful and generous. It’s such a joy to be a member.

Shane, USA

It’s reassuring to know that there are others who are dealing with the same challenges that I’m facing at work. I don’t have to figure everything out on my own! The members are always happy to share their knowledge and experiences. They've helped me grow and move forward in my role more than once.

Sarit, Australia

Cha Cha Club is where I come for all the insider tips and tricks.... Having this amazing group of people to call on for all my Ops questions has helped me advance in my career and grow my current role.

Dorynda, USA

We're a global gathering of people who are passionate
about optimizing the logistics of scaled-up research

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Cha Cha Club

The Cha Cha Club is invite-only. Not because we're snobs, but because we like to keep the conversation focused and the trust high. If you're a full-time Research Ops professional, and you don’t work for a vendor, we'd love to hear from you.