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Every quarter we host Cha Cha Talks, a public (and free) virtual event that gives Club members a stage to share their ResearchOps expertise with the world.

SLC Research Libraries
& Operationalizing
Customer Closeness

Ever wondered what the minimum is that you need to do to deliver a research library that still kicks your knowledge management goals–or at least thumps them in the right direction? How about the best operations strategy for getting people immersed in understanding their end users and customers? In this first Cha Cha Club event, we'll dig into these topics with speakers who have
been there, done that, and got the T-shirt.

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SLC (Simple, Loveable, Complete) Research Libraries

With Alison Jones

Research libraries has been a hot topic for what feels like a century, but helping people to discover and re-use research content is still a conundrum for many research teams. In this talk, Atlassian's Research Librarian, Alison Jones, will share the fundamental things that you need to know to create a research library that meets your colleagues' needs, helps them discover all research content on any topic–a seriously important capability–and can be easily maintained and scaled.

Operationalizing Customer Closeness

With Lily Aduana and Laurie McGowan

Everybody wants to get close to customers and ResearchOps teams need to be creative to meet the need. Over the past two years, Intuit Mailchimp's Laurie McGowan and Lily Aduana have worked on several customer immersion programs that have helped create connection with the people who use their products. In this talk, they'll share why they started these programs, how they're formatted, and the things that they've learned along the way.


Noel Lamb

Noel Lamb is the former Director of Research Operations at Xero Inc., an accounting software company based in Wellington, New Zealand. Before her time at Xero, Noel was the Head of Research Operations at Robinhood and, for nearly a decade, she built up ResearchOps at Salesforce. Noel has a complimentary project management, Human Resources, and hospitality background, but she fell in love with research after partnering with IDEO to set up an innovation studio at T-Mobile where she interviewed a monk in a Chicago monastery in the late 2000's. It's a long story! She's based in Boise, Idaho, and spends her free time splashing around in lakes and homesteading. She's currently building a backyard chicken coop, and babying her cherry tomato plant, Zelda.


Alison Jones

Alison Jones works at Atlassian in the new role of Senior Research Librarian. Alison works with researchers across Atlassian to make sure that research reports and a wide range of relevant materials are captured, classified, and made available via a digital research library for everyone at Atlassian to use. Prior to joining Atlassian, Alison worked at Geoscape, a government-owned locational data company, as their knowledge manager. She created the organisation's intranet so that they could systematically store and provide access to documentation, and she worked alongside staff to help record their knowledge of their work. Previously, Alison was the inaugural library manager and knowledge manager with Meyer Vandenberg, a Canberra-based law firm. In 2015, she was awarded the Australian Law Librarians' Association's Law Librarian of the Year.

Laurie McGowan

Laurie McGowan is the Manager of ResearchOps at Intuit Mailchimp. She spent the last four years building up their practice and expanding their operations team, and is now the day-to-day leader of ResearchOps for the customer and market insights team. Over the past two years, Laurie has worked to launch Mailchimp's first Customer Advisory Board–a hand-selected board of high-interest people who participate in recurring research across the year. In January 2023, she welcomed their second cohort onboard. In addition to running internal immersion programs, Laurie provides ops support to researchers by optimizing recruitment strategies, refining knowledge management practices, nurturing tool and vendor relationships, and discovering new ways of marketing research and insights throughout the company. Laurie is an Atlanta native, food fanatic, dog mom, hiking enthusiast, and serious travel nerd.

Lily Aduana

Lily Aduana is a ResearchOps Manager at Intuit Mailchimp where she helps manage Voice of the Customer programs, strategize research repository utilization, and streamlines research practices for the customer and market insights team. Before joining Intuit, Lily managed ResearchOps at User Interviews where she helped build their research team, scaled the research practice across the organization, provided best practices with participant recruitment, and built their first research repository. Lily first entered the ResearchOps field at MeasuringU, a UX research agency, where participant recruitment and data collection were constantly at play. These experiences have given her a deep understanding of the impact that ResearchOps can have on the flow of research practices and the team's success. Lily enjoys collaborating with researchers and seeks to add value to the field of ResearchOps by driving the success of research teams. When Lily isn't working on all things ResearchOps, you can find her in Colorado enjoying the great outdoors by hiking, camping, snowboarding, or rock climbing.