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Every quarter we host Cha Cha Talks, a public (and free) virtual event that gives Club members a stage to share their ResearchOps expertise with the world.

Building Customer Insights Communities and B2B Recruitment Panels

Participant recruitment is just about every researcher's biggest pain point, so fixing participant recruitment is often top of every ResearchOps professional's to-do list. Though a plethora of excellent tools have popped up to make participant recruitment easier, it would be foolish to think that a tool (or several tools) is a complete solution. In this Cha Cha Talks, you'll hear from ResearchOps professionals who have worked in B2B and B2C recruitment contexts (they are very different beasts) for more than a decade, and you'll learn how they're using B2C customer insights communities and B2B recruitment panels to boost customer closeness.

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How Customer Insight Communities Can Boost Research Participant Recruitment

With Carina Cook

Many of the world’s Fortune 500 companies have customer insight communities and use them as a long-term and scalable solution for engaging with their customers. In this talk, Wayfair's Senior ResearchOps Manager, Carina Cook, will share what 10 years of working in the market research space and at a SaaS research company taught her about building and running big insight communities. She'll cover the ins and outs of what it takes to build and run a customer insight community, how she's solving common pitfalls, and how to decide whether insight communities are a good investment for you.

Make B2B Participant Recruitment Less Tricky With These B2C Recruitment Tricks

With Jess Lewes

When Jess Lewes joined the energy software company, Kaluza, she thought she'd set up a system for accessing users in the blink of an eye and leave the design team in awe of her participant recruitment wizardry! But it hasn't been plain sailing. Jess knew what it took to set up and scale a participant recruitment agency–she had spent 7 years doing just that–but recruiting for an agency versus in-house is different kettle of fish. In this talk, Jess will share the top tips that she gleaned from her agency days, how she's adapting her knowledge to suit an in-house context, and the things you might watch out for as you do this work, too.


Shane Olbourne

Shane Olbourne has over 15 years of experience working in research and design operations, and he is a passionate and strategic leader. Shane has been the Senior Staff ResearchOps Program Manager at BILL, where he connected product, design, and research teams, and supported the evolution of people, practices, platforms, and processes for a design, product and ResearchOps teams. Before that he worked in ResearchOps roles at Meta, Capital One, Intuit, and in broadcast operations. When he's not delivering systems that super-charge research, he leverages his creative and artistic skills as an actor, voice-over artist, writer, video editor, theatre director, and sound designer.


Carina Cook

Carina Cook brings over a decade of experience working as a mixed-methods researcher to her current role as Senior Manager of ResearchOps at Wayfair. Prior to joining Wayfair, Carina worked in the non-profit sector as a Director of Research and Community Insights where she focused on impact measurement and running large-scale programs. But the majority of Carina’s career has been spent working for a SaaS survey and insight community company called the Maru Group (previously Vision Critical) where she conducted consumer insights research across a variety of clients and industries. Carina has always had a passion for using insights to tell a story, and she loves creating efficient processes that iron out operational pain points. Carina is based in Toronto, Canada, and thrives when she’s spending time with her family, doing home décor, and finding deals–then telling everyone about it!

Jess Lewes

Jess Lewes has a decade of experience working in ResearchOps and has extensive experience setting out operations for research participant recruitment. Jess spent 7 years working for People for Research, a participant recruitment agency based in the UK, and took on an operations role to scale the business. Jess now works as the Associate Principal for Research Operations at Kaluza, a global energy technology company. She has an MBA and focused her dissertation on the use of artificial intelligence in participant recruitment.