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Every quarter we host Cha Cha Talks, a public (and free) virtual event that gives Club members a stage to share their ResearchOps expertise with the world.

ResearchOps for Ethical & Compliant Research

Making sure that research does no harm–everyone should be the same or better for being involved–and is legally compliant are both crucial to delivering a mature research practice. But what does ethical and compliant research practically mean, especially in an increasingly data-driven world? And how can operations make real on ethical promises and legal requirements whilst making the most of everything that technology has to offer, like automations and AI? These are the questions that ResearchOps Leah Kandel and Carolyn Morgan will tackle in this edition of Cha Cha Talks.

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Making Principles Real Through Operations & The Little Book of Design Research Ethics, Second Edition

With Leah Kandel, IDEO

In 2015, IDEO published the first edition of The Little Book of Design Research Ethics. It was written to provide design teams at IDEO–and beyond–with guidelines for ethical design research, and to lay the groundwork for its future evolution. But today’s world looks different. So, we paused, sat down together, questioned our own practices, and wrote a second edition. In it, we make new promises about how to work ethically to benefit everyone. Join me to learn about the evolution of "the Little Book" and the principles that guide IDEO, and how ResearchOps professionals can help lay the groundwork for ethical research.

Coulds, Shoulds, & ResearchOps Woulds: Ethics & Compliance in a Data-Driven & Automated World

With Carolyn Morgan, Cisco

One of the primary goals for ResearchOps teams is to streamline research processes for researchers. But in doing this, we run the risk of unintentionally introducing harmful automations. From privacy in participant recruitment to curating and managing knowledge, there seems to be no lack of shortcuts and automations available. But at what cost? In this talk, Carolyn will present some of the things you and your ops team should ask before, during, and after implementing any programmatic efforts aimed at taking advantage of what many tools and new technology–including AI–have to offer.


Shelby Lipschuetz, IBM

Shelby Lipschuetz is a UX Research Ops Program Manager at IBM leading strategy on all things user engagement and governance, with a side of tool enablement. Her love and respect for research can be traced back to her time at Texas State University where she earned a B.A. in Psychology and an M.A. in Psychological Research focusing on empathy and organizational psychology. She has been in the ResearchOps space since 2019 where she worked with Google, recruited for D-Ford design research labs, and set up ResearchOps at The Home Depot. Outside of work, you'll no longer find her planning her wedding as she has recently tied the knot! She enjoys finding new ways to exercise her creativity, going for hikes, and exploring her city with family and friends.


Leah Kandel, IDEO

Leah Kandel is the Design Research Operations Director at the design and consulting firm, IDEO. In her role, Leah creates systems to support great research and connects teams with people who can provide insight and inspiration to fuel the design process. Prior to joining IDEO, Leah worked in museum education leading volunteer programs and designing experiences and resources. She holds a BFA & BS in Art and Art Education from Miami University and a certificate in Social Impact Strategy from the University of Pennsylvania. Outside of work you can find her running up and down the hills of San Francisco, painting, and hanging out with her dog Sam.

Carolyn Morgan, Cisco

Carolyn Morgan is a social scientist living the ResearchOps life. After nearly twenty years in research, Carolyn now leads a team of ResearchOps and Enablement specialists who are building a scalable, open, and ethical research practice for Cisco's Security Design organization. Caro and her team have one goal: to enable researchers and folks who do research to do their jobs more effectively and easily – it’s meta, in the non-Zuckerbergian sense, and it’s the most fun she’s ever had at a job. When she’s not working, Carolyn is riding a bike and raising money to support cancer research in Ohio and Albert.

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