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About the club

We're a members' club for dedicated ResearchOps professionals. Because when you're trailblazing a new profession, it helps to have a network of friends who are in the know.

The Perks

Out-the-box access to a hive mind of ResearchOps knowledge via regular virtual gatherings and a members-only Slack.

The People

Connect with a growing community of 80+ full-time ResearchOps professionals from around the world. No vendors.

The Culture

A fun and safe space to share what you know, give and get support, and build a strong global network.

Why join?

If you think about ResearchOps day and night (and it’s your full-time job), you've found your tribe.

Whether you're new to ResearchOps or you're a seasoned pro, it's likely that you bump into operational challenges and conundrums all the time. Is this vendor any good? How do others enable D&I in participant recruitment? What metrics should I be tracking?

Why is nobody using our research playbook?! The list of questions and decisions can be endless. The Cha Cha Club provides access to a hive mind of ResearchOps professionals who have been there, done that, and got the T-shirt.

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Our Events

From big to small, and members-only to free-for-all, we host a variety of events about ResearchOps.

Getting together is core to the Club. From member-hosted gatherings to agenda-less catch ups, we host regular members-only events. Every quarter we host a public and free-for-all event that gives Club members the opportunity to take the stage and share what they know with the wider profession. All of our events are virtual, and hosted by Club members across various timezones. In late 2024, we’ll run Cha Cha Con, a one-day conference for Club members to get together IRL and share. Watch this space.

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Cha Cha Club

The Cha Cha Club is invite-only.
Not because we're snobs, but because we like to keep the conversation focused and the trust high. If you're a full-time ResearchOps professional, and you don’t work for a vendor, we'd love to hear from you.

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